The world's largest kimchi mecca

GwangjuKimchi Town

Since 1994, the Gwangju Kimchi Culture Festival has been held every year to lay the foundation for an international kimchi mecca and promote the tradition and excellence of kimchi from the southern province at home and abroad.
As part of the globalization of Korean food, the World Institute of Kimchi was invited to further research and develop our traditional fermented food, kimchi, with the aim to diversify the quality and contribute to the tradition and value of Korean kimchi.


Appointed as a member of the 27th Gwangju World Kimchi Festival Committee

Chairman inauguration for Gwangju Kimchi Checkoff Program Cooperative

1 ton of kimchi donated to Daegu City in cooperation with the Council of Social Enterprise


Received the Gwangju Mayor Award at the SME Manager Awards

Chairman of Gwangju Kimchi Industry Cooperative

Industry-University agreement with Gwangju Health University

Kimchi Town Co., Ltd. featured on the MBN show, “Success Documentary - The Best”

R&D department recognized with ISO9001:2015 International Standard Quality Certification

Applied for a patent on the manufacturing method of using germanium shrimp in salted shrimp

Social Enterprise Certification (job provision)

Conversion of general HACCP Certification to CLEAN Workplace Certification

Won an award in the Korean International Cooking Contest (Fermented Foods Team)

'Kimchiga’ registered as a trademark

Appointed to Gwangju City Kimchi Industry Development Committee


Head office entered the kimchi processing plant in Gwangju Kimchi Town


Kimchi Town Co., Ltd. established

Good kimchi made with a clean heart.