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Pogi kimchi
A luxurious and crunchy full cabbage kimchi - a Jeolla-do standard
$ 8.8
Shipping cost
C.O.D.(cash on delivery)

Completion of state-of-the-art facilities with capacity for mass production

  • 01Production team’s morning meeting

  • 02HACCP sanitation room

  • 03Hygiene procedures before work

  • 04Worker disinfection with air showers

  • 05HACCP hygiene entry

  • 06Stock inspection of raw materials and ingredients

  • 071st processing and washing of cabbage

  • 08Cabbage transfer, no washing

  • 09Cabbage salting process

  • 10Standardization of salting time, salinity and temperature

  • 11Salted Cabbage Washing Move

  • 12Automatic 3-step bubble cleaning

  • 13Washing and sorting

  • 14Cooking meat broth

  • 15Processing the seasoning

  • 16Cabbage mixing

  • 17Other kimchi production

  • 18Packaging of finished product

  • 19Quality research

  • 20Cs tasks

  • 21HACCP quality meeting

Kimchi Town Certifications

Patents and Certifications

  • HACCP Cabbage Kimchi Certificate

  • HACCP Other Kimchi Certificate

  • HACCP Salted Foods Certificate

  • HACCP Kimchi Filling Certificate

  • Traditional Food Quality Certificate

  • Social Enterprise Certificate

  • Clean Workplace Certificate

  • Start-up Company certificate

  • ISO9001:2015 Certificate

  • R&D Department certification

  • Product Liability Insurance Certificate

  • Direct Production Certificate

  • Korean International Cuisine Award

  • SME Manager Award

  • Letter of Entrustment for fostering of the kimchi industry

  • Product Inspection Report

Delivery Notice

Please check before ordering.

Delivery Notice

Delivery method Glab
Delivery fees Free shipping with purchase of $21.80 or more
Purchases under $21.80 will incur a C.O.D. fee.(Shipping fees may differ depending on the distance.)

eturn and Exchange Policy

Returns & exchanges
  • Not allowed

Customer Service

Customer Service Phone Number
  • +84 83-588-7901
Returns address A10 Duong Truc Phuong 13, Quan Binh Tanh TP,HCM
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